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ThinkGrow is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced horticulture LEDs by using only top-quality components – Built to last & Engineered to the Highest standards, to enable them to create the perfect grow room. We continually observe, test, and modify different light beads on the market. Through deliberate comparison, we have chosen the most confident partners in the industry to create the perfect grow lights. The number of White-based Full Spectrum diodes accounts for more than 90% of a LED, choosing a high-quality, reliable white LED is crucial for planting high-performance products. After trials of research and testing, we have found that Samsung’s white-based full spectrum diodes are best suited for plant cultivation in the grow light market. ThinkGrow aims at striving for excellence in the field of engineering the first-rate grow light on the market, so we never hesitate to partner with Samsung, a pioneer in LED technology, becoming the FIRST company ever to reach a cooperative agreement with Samsung. We hope to take advantage of our cooperation with Samsung to create high-quality grow lights on the market, and hence help our customers to build pleasant planting yields. Every grower is worth owning.